Friday, January 10, 2014

Paintballing with my Zone

I just sent massive emails to my parents, so this family one will be shorter, my apologies.

Some updates:

-I went paintballing with my zone and got shot 5 times. I got shot in the head, the neck, the shoulder, the chest, and the leg. And there are all marks to show for it. But it was fun. I think I got shot so much because I hate hiding and was running around. That will do it.

- I got an email from a teacher in the CCM, Ill just copy and paste what he sent

"Mire lo que encontré por curioso. Usted sale en un video!! No me diga que no es usted, porque es imposible que alguien se confunda! 1 minuto con 26 segundos. Que gracioso haha Bueno le escribía directamente a usted para que los demás no lo vean, sino probablemente se reirían. haha. En fin, espero esté muy bien! He visto hace poco a Hna. Moe en el templo, le manda saludos! Cuídese!"

Which basically translates into " Hey--- you´re in a YouTube video!!" Hahaha, isn't that crazy- that my CCM teacher recognized me from the "She´s Going on a Mission" video and then emailed me about it? I thought it was so funny. Who would have thought?

-I made a few Mission logos, that we might put on these bags.

-I'm working on this huge sister conference for all the sisters in the mission, and I'm having a blast, and I think that its going to awesome. I am 110% my mother´s daughter.

-The rainy season is starting here, and all the rain stuff that I was sent with is finally starting to be put to good use! A little too much use, and we´re only in the first week of a three month rainy season. Nice Clark.Real nice.

-I got a Christmas Card from the Halls, and a package full of Christmas letters from the BEST ward in the whole wide world!!! Send them my thanks, will you? That was so nice of them, and it meant so much to me! I also got some from the YSA ward! They´re great.

-My birthday is in 10 days. I will be 20. I don't know how I feel about that.

-Hey, it´s Mel´s (my old roommate) birthday on the 14th, tell Chelsea to tell her Happy Birthday for me, will you? And tell her late happy birthday. And also be in communication with her and find out what their living situation will be for them next year. Usually people start setting things up about halfway through spring semester.

- I love you all so much, and hope you have a great January!

-Hmmmm.... am I missing something? It seems to me like an adorable little girl might have a birthday on the 16th.... but I can´t remember what her name is...... oh yeah- Happpy Happpy Happpy Happy Birthday Allison!!!!! I can´t believe that you're going to be 9 years old!!!!! You´re are so cute, and I love you so much! I wish that I could send you something for your birthday, but don´t worry, Ill get you something extra special for next year. Give Bella a hug and a kiss for me!!

Here's a picture of me paintballing.

Love you all!

Hna Leavitt

Mission Logo made by Melissa

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