Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Need to Rescue

Hey Family! I hope those whose emails went unanswered due to leadership training are now satisfied, thank you all so much for being so consistent in giving me the support that I need.

This week, it hit me just how important it is to follow President Monson's plead to "go to the rescue." All week we had been kind of worried about Gustavo, our convert of 12 years old who was baptized last week, because we had to go to Arequipa on Mon and Tues, and then someones father in the ward died on Wed, and his funeral was on Thurs, the same night we had to run around like crazy all through the valley to get people to come to Melchizedek Priesthood interviews with President Zobrist that we were given shorter notice about, Friday were the interviews and a church activity, and we went to try and invite him to conference and the activities but we just couldn't find him, so we get to church on Sunday, after going to pick up a less active boy, and we see him sitting there! I cant even describe the feelings of relief that came over me, and he is kind of a more timid  boy, so I was surprised to see him sitting next to someone his age. We went up, said "hi" and then asked who his friend was, and it turns out that this friend was actually his cousin, and his cousin was a less active member, who came after Elder Narramore and Luzardo visited his mom and invited the whole family to come back to church. None of us knew that they were all related, but it was such a sweet, incredibly tender mercy of the Lord, that I will never ever forget that relief and gratitude that I felt. This branch is so shaky, and there aren't a lot of members in Corire, where he lives, much less young active members, and Gustavo needs more friends than two white sister missionaries. That situation right there outlines and personifies to me, the importance of rescuing. Now Gustavo has a friend, his own cousin, that he can learn and grow and progress with, and he has his aunt, who is a parental figure that can help him with things that his nonmember parents cant. The elders had no idea that they were answering our prayers and Gustavo´s need, they just were trying to follow the counsel of the prophet to go find the lost sheep, and through those who come back to church, those who are new will be more likely to stay strong.

We weren't able to watch conference, just one session we downloaded and showed 4 times. But I will read the talks when they come out!

And, lots of other great things have been happening here. The branch is progressing. I am here for sure for another 6 weeks!! Yes! Okay, the time has escaped once again. I love you all so much and I know that the work is true and essential. I love it!

Hermana Leavitt

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