Wednesday, May 28, 2014



Apologies! I have yet again cut myself short on time. And I've still got to write President. So, a short update-

I am good. I am happy. We are working to find leadership to save the ship so the ship can stay afloat when the missionaries leave. And that's been a real faith building experience, and we are looking forward to seeing the results. Someday. :) We are writing in the internet cafĂ© of Francisca. She is going to be baptized this Saturday! Yes! 

The church is true. Easter is amazing and an awesome reminder of the "why" we do the work of salvation that we are so anxiously engaged in. He lives. He lives for each one of us, and we need to live in a way that shows him we are grateful for the sacrifice that he made. Its all true- all of it.

I am so excited to get those packages. For lots of reasons. I'm not complaining but... okay I am, the food is TERRIBLE. Haha, its so gross. I cant wait to show you my pensionistas kitchen. It is out of this world. But I'm not going to die. I have lost a lot of weight here though. I'm sitting at about 130 right now. Its from the miles of walking and being grossed out by food. Dang it. a bug bit me while I was typing to you. 

I am BURNING through Personal Progress. I cant believe that I didn't finish it when I was in  YW. And, when I do some values, I just think- hey! Ive already done this. Because I did. Years ago. But anyways, I will most definitely be done by the time I'm home. With my honor bee as well. ACCOMPLISHMENTS. I am going to want all the stickers and ribbons too, when I'm home.

I am sending a weird sepia toned picture of me with my little Easter bunny peep- That's the only candy that lasted until the actual day. I didn't realize it was on this setting until I looked at it. So there you go. 

Okay, I love you all, keep up the good work, go to church. 


Hermana Leavitt

(Cant wait until Mothers Day!!) :)

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