Thursday, September 5, 2013

Change of Pace

September 2, 2013

Familia! How are you all? Things here are pretty good. Another week gone down. The computer here stopped working for a bit, so this email will be rushed an full of typos, but I trust that dad will go through and fix them all. :)

First of all- I had the awesome opportunity to go on divisiones with our capacitadoras this week! They´re like sister zone leaders, but not really. I don't really know how to define them, but they are awesome. I got to leave Avelino for 24 hours and go to the area with Hna C, and she is straight up legit. Like, the coolest, most awesome missionary I've had the opportunity to learn from. I now have a personal hero in the mission. She´s from Lima, and is 21 and studied communications before. She loves American music, and we sang a Hanna Montana song before bed, and it was awesome. I grew so much, and she helped me understand so much that I had no idea about before. I can now challenge people to be baptized. And I can kind of be a little more direct than I was before. Bediciones. She was so nice and said some of the nicest things to me that I needed to hear. Instead of always focusing on the areas that I continually fall short in, she made me realize that I do have some strengths that I can use to make up for my shortcomings. I don't ever hear things like that in Avelino, so it really was a blessing at this time, when I was a little menos animada. I rekindled that fire that I had in the CCM, and our numbers showed that we both learned something from our trainers. 29 new investigators this week! We have to do divisiones this week with our ward members to make all of our appointments. And I´m terrible with directions here, so that will be interesting.

We've been trying to brainstorm ways to work with the members of the ward and get them animated- and one idea that everyone loves is- ENGLISH CLASSES. Yep. Two times a week for one hour, I will be a teacher. Which would be great if I knew how to speak Spanish, but I don't, so we will see how this goes. The members are excited, and they´re also going to bring their friends. refercias de oro!!! Yayay!! We´re also doing singing classes and family history classes. (and by we, I mean me, because my comp doesn't know how to do any of these things.) So it´s like service, but with the intention of finding referencias de los miembros.

I have not received my package with the adapters yet, so I have hope for this Wednesday!!

My Spanish is coming along slooooowwwwlllyyy. But at least is coming? We´re going to print photos today FINALLY. So I´ll send those home. I would send pictures from my camera, but on the bus back to our flat last week, someone stole my camera cord. Sneaky sneaky. Think you could send another one? With an end for my camera and a USB end for the computer and charger.

How is school?!?!? Hahaha. School! I loved the pictures of VB and XC. My sisters are so cool!! And the Bear Lake pics made me super jealous.

I´m sorry about your back mom. I trust you to make the best decision. I´m praying for you!!

Okay, I gotta jet. Read Helaman 10 and think about missionary work, will ya? You are all wonderful, and I love you so so much. Til next week-

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