Monday, August 26, 2013

L-O-N-G Ward Council Meetings

Hello Everyone! How goes it?

Things here are pretty normal. Well, as normal as things can get in AREQUIPA PERU. Ahh! I still cant believe that I´m here. I´m in Peru- And things here are so different.

My comp and I made some strides in our relationship this week. Strides forward and Strides backwards. But I think we've maybe gained some more common ground. I´m going to try something this week. I´m going to try and talk in the mornings. Because up til now, I mostly just make noises like "Mhmm." "Si" Because I´m so tired and I hate mornings. But my companion just talks my ear off. So, I´ll let you know how this goes. It is an experiment that will take lots of effort.

This week was a little rough, investigator wise. We really have been working to try and make the family of C see that she needs baptism, because she has the mentality of someone older than 8. It´s just her body that isn't like everyone elses. But her mom says that she doesn't need it, and so yeah... how do you change someone´s mentality that´s so stubborn? With love, I suppose. So we´re trying to show lots of love.

Ward Councils are very interesting. And by interesting I mean LONG. But it´s good, because if we don't talk about every person that needs help then we don't know who to help or how to help them. My ward has problems, oh, sorry, I mean, opportunities to grow, with weekly sacrament attendance. So many less active members!! But we´re trying to help excite the ward and make them realize that after baptism, they need to preserverar hasta el fin, and how important it is to renew baptismal covenants.

I made brownies in one members house. And they were alright. All the ingredients are a smidge different here, so they weren't exactly the same, but I enjoyed them thoroughly.

Well... as for other things... We´re working hard. We don't have language study nearly as much as we should, but it´s because we have so many people to visit, that this time is the is sacrificed first. Which is a bit frustrating, but maybe I´ll learn Spanish faster through sacrificing this. No se.

I have a letter to send to you all on Wednesday that has way more details about the work. I´m happy, healthy, and safe. And I´ve only had a scary run in with a dog once. So, all in all, pretty successful.

School is starting for you all!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, suckers!! Keep me updated.

Dad, again, reading in your mission journal after your first transfer after your first comp has given me lots of inspiration and HOPE. Seriously, reading your wise words of wisdom help me so much. And I cant help but giggle when I read that mom sent you some "choice" pictures. Ha, ha, your slang is so groovy dog.

I love you all, and pray for you nightly. Gramps and Grandma too, thank you for you letter, I love you so much. Tell Jaime a late happy birthday!

Lots of love,

Hermana Leavitt

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