Monday, August 5, 2013

I want to be a Peruvian Dog

Is that even the right date? I don't know. Time is weird here.

I don't have much time, so forgive my errors and tangents.

I´m in Arequipa! Can you believe it. I have a Latina companion named Hna Zapata and she´s great. She doesn't speak English and I don't speak Spanish, so as you can imagine, we have some quiet days. But the Spanish will come with time. RIGHT?!

I want to be a Peruvian dog. Why? Lots of reasons. You get to run around all day with your friends, get into random fights, no one tells you what to do, and you can just go through people´s garbage for leftovers. So you never have to cook. How nice is that?

Thank you all for your emails and letters!! i wish I had more time to read and respond, but I don't. And I don't want to try and explain to my companion in Spanish why I am taking pictures of the computer screen. I got your greenie package (and my comp went wild over the candy. She´s officially addicted to Ice Breakers. Also the conversation of me trying to explain what Ice Breakers were in English is one for the books) (Also, Chase, I got some awesome letters from Whitney!)

I´m in an area called Hunter or Avenida. I think Avenida. I don´t know really. I just follow my comp around like a Peruvian Dog. So I guess I got my wish.I like in this weird apartment thing. I cant really describe it. Like a million people live in one building, and like up and behind the building too. But anyways, we have to walk to our pensionistas house for food, and I love that family so much! They don't understand me and I don't understand them, but I can feel of their love for me and me for them, and that´s what counts.

We had a great few days. The people here are so receptive and man alive, I can tell there will be a lot of success to be had if I work hard. I got here on Wednesday, and by Saturday night, we had 15 new investigators. I try my best to open my mouth and speak as much as I can, but sometimes, when people laugh at me, I´m not gonna lie, my face gets all red and I just kind of stop mid sentence. That has only happened about 4 times though, usually people are nicer.

I´m sorry you missed my phone call! I tried every number I knew. But you have those lovely voicemails of me sounding slightly frustrated with you to keep you company! :)

My mission president is awesome. He´s funny, but a hard worker. I can tell he expects success and I like that.

The food here just keeps getting better. I think I´ve actually lost about 5 lbs here though, because of all the walking. I brought my `pictures to the families house that feeds us, and they just about went nuts over you all. You´re all gorgeous apparently. Also, they just about teased me to death about having pictures of Chase. I thought you were bad Dad!

Okay, I gotta jet, but I love you all! More details next week!

Hermana Leavitt

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