Monday, August 12, 2013

"No Entiendo"

¡Holà famila!

Wow, so much to say! We had a baptism this week, Hermano A y Hermana L, and it was awesome. Things here sure are different Clark. There´s less... reverence? I don't know, maybe I'm just used to how things are in the states, but during the baptism there were kids and adults just chatting like it was brunch. But other than that, and being asked to play impromptu Spanish hymns that I have never heard before, it was good. Leidy is 10 years old, and when she got in the water she suddenly got scared and it took about 5 minutes of the hno baptizing her to talk her into it. I had a very fervent prayer in my heart and my companion was grabbing my arm so hard. But, all in all - bonita!

My mission president says that there are no problems in the mission, only opportunities to grow. I have had lots of those these past week. My companion tries to be as patient as she can with me, but when I say " no entiendo" for the 13th time about something, it gets a little interesting. Pray for me! I need a lot of prayers right now. This is hard. Haha, I don't know what I was expecting before, but geez louise, this is hard. But I´m trying my best, and I know that has to be good enough for now. But still, pray for me, will ya?

We work hard here, and I´m thankful for good shoes. We walk... about 4 solid hours everyday. I think I could do that 50 20 thing. But when we get back to the apartment, I'm about ready to drop. But I cant imagine my life without good shoes. Also, I guard my sleep like a Peruvian dog guards it´s trash. At 10:30 I am out. No exceptions. Sleep is basically like Wheat in Settlers of America. Valuable.

Okay, thank you for all your letters and emails. I love them all! I would suggest, if you want specific questions answered, pick one or two and put them at the top of your emails. I want to answer them all, but I don't have time to pick them out.

I´m in a pretty urbanized area, it´s part of the main city Arequipa, so I can buy mostly everything I need, no worries mother.

Okay, I have some random thoughts that might help you get an idea of how my days go:

-I like carrying my Spanish English dictionary because it´s basically the same size, weight, and type as The Return of The King. I find great comfort in this.
-On the same Lord of the Rings note, I´m in a valley of volcanoes. I´m living in Mordor, at the base of Mount Doom. I also have crazy daydreams of what would happen if they all exploded at once. I don´t find great comfort in this.
-I saw a Peruvian man that dressed exactly like you Dad! I found your Peruvian twin! Seriously though, I think he was creeped out because I was staring at him and almost crying. There´s something comforting about a plaid short sleeve button up shirt, blue jeans, and tennis shoes.
-If I was hired at a place where I had to write what I heard in Spanish correctly, I would be fired from that job.
-I ate popcorn the other day that reminded me so much of basketball games in the JHS gym.
-I don't know how to say a lot in Spanish, so me and my comp don't talk too much when we walk. So I've resorted to reciting songs in my head. The full Fresh Prince of Bel Air song is my most played.
-People here don't know about Netflix. Netflix. N e t f l i x.
-Sometimes when I walk behind my companion I pretend we´re in a real life Mario Kart and I send invisible shells at her to slow her down. She walks fast.

I am so sorry to hear about Kelsi!! Geez, what a tough time for her. I´m praying for her lots and lots.

Well..... not too much more to report. We work hard. And I´m being pushed a lot to use what little Spanish I know, and above all, I´m having to trust in the Lord more than ever before in my life.

I´ve been studying about Abinadai a lot. He´s so awesome. What a great missionary! He had the chance to recall his words and his testimony to save his life, but he wouldn´t. That´s strength.

I love you all, thank you for all that you do! Tell Zach hi for me!!! :)

Hermana Leavitt

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