Thursday, July 3, 2014


The subject of this email is the name of my new Zone. That's right/ transfers came, and then they went, and they took me back to the city. We were both pretty positive that we were going to be staying together, so getting the call at 10:25 on Saturday night was pretty unexpected.... and very unwelcome. But who are we to choose where the Lord needs us? The zone leaders called, told us I had changes, and then Hna Robinson and I just sat in silence for about 20 minutes, and then I pulled my blanket over my head and started crying. Change is tough. Goodbyes to best friends are tougher.

We had a little goodbye party for me and Elder Praag, and it was well attended.... with both people and tears. One of the hardest moments was saying goodbye to all "my kids" in the Primary. I will have to send some pictures along of the last little bit we had together.

But I am here now, back in the city, back in the thick of things, with 12 sisters to take care of, and with an area to help, and I know I'm supposed to be here.

My new comp is Hna Clemens, from my group. She likes the Red Socks, and I think shes awesome, and I am so excited to work with her. Our area is called Casa Blanca.... so watch that movie for me, will you?

 We are right in the main city... which has been a bit overwhelming. We went to church today for our District Meeting, and it was weird, that we weren't in charge of cleaning it or taking care of it. I have to find my role as a missionary all over again.... But I can do it. It will just take some time. That's what I have to focus one, doing things one thing at a time.

I already miss Hna Robinson a lot. But we have plans to hang out in Mexico when I get back, so I really shouldn't get too sad about it. Ill see her soon for Consejo next Monday and Tuesday.

Everything will be okay. Change happens so that we can learn and grow. (Can you tell that I'm giving myself a pep talk? Hahaha.) Hna Clemens and I have adopted a "sprint to the end" mentality, since we both only have 6months left... we are going to finish strong, in a "sprint" so to speak.

Okay, well, we have got a lot of work to do today, so I will respond more to individual emails that you have sent next week. I have an amazing Pensionista with amazing, clean food again... so you can tell mom to stop worrying so much. :)

I love you all and hope that this week is fantastic!!

Hna Leavitt

Me and the goofy elder Praag at our party

Us with Prezzy V
With our Rescues- William and Elizabeth (who now have the callings of 2nd counselor in the presidency and 1st counselor in R.S.) Best recuse EVER!!

With a recently reactivated family

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