Monday, July 21, 2014

The White House

That's the name of our ward: Casa Blanca. So we have decided that we feel pretty cool- working in the White House and all. We both are very excited for the next round of elections though. Anyways....

My first week in the city has been a week of "getting used" to things again. Do you want to know what happened on my 2nd day here? A family invited us over to have a FHE, and they then presented us a good friend of the family that they had prepared to receive the lessons, and then proceeded to bear their testimonies, and offer their house as a place to teach her. I'm pretty sure my jaw dropped to the floor when it happened- I just couldn't believe it! Something ideal had actually happened, something that could have been put on the Preach My Gospel DVDs, and I was just blown away. I couldn't stop talking about it all night. I have never ever received anything like that before in my mission. In Hunter, the members were super shy and afraid to prepare people like that and would usually just give us an address to visit (not a number of course, more along the lines of "you know the blue house? Yeah, well on the opposite side of the street, where the tree is, on that corner, you go down the street for two... or three blocks, and then you see an apartment building, and then you go past the gas station, take the road to the right and go waaaayyyy back there, and then youll see the another apartment building, and they are on the 4th floor... but I cant remember the number.... so just knock on all the doors") and then they say to not tell the person that their friend gave us the reference. And in Corire.... yeah, no way jose.  They aren't there yet.

So, that was really cool, and I am super excited to teach this girl, I think shes got amazing potential. Plus she has been to church over 10 times..... so I can already see her in white. :)

We had other cool experiences like that all week- where the members are so willing to help. (They took us out the eat the other night. And I had sweet and sour chicken. And it was so good. That was a first as well- for both things) These 2 Laurels were with us all day yesterday for one of their Personal Progress Projects (speaking of which.... I am 3 projects away from finishing mine.) and its been fun to work in new and different ways. No lies- our Consejo de Barrio (Ward Council) needs a lot of work, but that just gives us something else to learn and do. Everything will come with time.

Our 4th of July celebration wasn't anything too big. We wore red, white, and blue, sang some American songs, I accidentally broke that big blue glow stick you sent me all over my skirt, and we ate french toast in the morning, Italian food in the afternoon, and Chinese food at night. So it was a "melting pot" of experiences... which I guess IS pretty American, now that I think about it.

I think my companion is exactly what I need right now. It was hard to leave Hna Robsinson, but I really have lucked out with Hna Clemens. She is really great and willing to work. She doesn't have as much experience as a STL, so we are going to try some new and exciting things with our girls this transfer that I am psyched about. We have plans to eat tacos today and get some things (like another camera cord.... because mine was stolen last Monday. Its the only thing I have consistently lost on my mission. But don't worry, we will find one today.)

Our motto, for us and our girls is that we are going to be "examples of faith and obedience" because that's really what the purpose of Sister Training Leaders is. Examples of faith and obedience. Faith. Obedience. :)

I have discovered that I really love teaching. I do. And its so much fun, and has made me realize how much better I can participate in lessons when I'm home. Ive just got lots of confidence- that what I know is true, and that it will help the lives of these people if they do the small simple things that they ask. For my Faith value project, I decided to reread Jesus the Christ, and getting to know my Savior on such a personal level, has helped me better reach people in my lessons.

Have you read that article in the Ensign, about becoming Perfect in Christ? If not- I suggest that you do. From someone who likes things to be a little bit too perfect sometimes (something I believed I inherited from Mom) it really got to me. I cant be perfect now, but I can be made "complete" through the Atonement, and I need to trust in the grace of a loving Father who knows that I will make mistakes, and do the same for people in my life.

We had a good "momentum building week" and hope to see the results in these coming weeks, as we work and strive for our goal of 5. Pray for us will you?

Thanks for all the support (like the amazing 1 year package) and the love. Have fun in Hawaii mom and dad! I love you all so much, and know that the Lord really is hastening his work and perfecting the saints, and I am so lucky to be apart of it.

Hna Leavitt

This is me with my pensionista.... after she burst into tears. So cried on my shoulder like a puppy for about 10 minutes.

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