Sunday, July 21, 2013

1st Try at Proselyting....

Hola mi familia!! How is everyone doing? Guess what- my computer started typing double letters and I fixed it! So, you're welcome for saving you from another headache. I have lots to say, so I´ll jump right in-

-Nothing too new, just livin' it up in the CCM! Still lovin' it!!

-I got letters this week! Finally!! And I got a million all at once. All of those Dear Elders, and the two from home, and then one from home from Chase, and then one from Kelsi, and one from Chelsea! I was basically the envy of the CCM that night. No legitimately, I got some evil looking stares. People were straight up jealous. I hid the letters in my bag because it was getting hostile.

-Mom, will you update my FB (it stands for Facebook mom) to say not to send things to the CCM?

-We had an earthquake here, but it was while I was playing volleyball, so I didnt even know it had happened. I love playing sand volleyball here! It means I have to shower in the middle of the day every day, but Im okay with that. Physical Activity is one of the best hours of the day!!

-We went proselyting (not sure how to spell it Dad) last Saturday and it was an experience. Haha, that's the best way that I can describe it. Usually, they pair up one of the Latinas with a Norte American, but there are too many hermanas for that, so it was just me and Hermana V. And I guess our teacher was supposed to help us out, but he just left us in the middle of this subdivision thing, and we just had to wing it. And neither of us had any idea what anyone was saying! So we would knock, say we had a message, invite ourselves in, and then hope they said yes. We were let into 2 houses, which was awesome. And we talked to probably.... 12 people in their doorways. I think though, they weren't necessarily interested in what I had to say, they were more interested to know why in the world there were two blonde Americans at their door. People here are so nice though, even though it was such broken Spanish, they would listen and say things to make us feel good. Also, I'm having to come to terms with being whistled at and yelled at and smooched at a lot. Haha, its not that bad, but it happens whenever we go anywhere, and I always just feel so awkward that I don't know what to do with myself. Its just the way things are with American girls here. Everyone in my District always laughs at me when it happens to me, because I just say "Uhhh.... " and move into the middle of the group. But anyways, it was a real test of faith, to got out and place Books of Mormon and pamphlets and other church materials, when we had no idea what anyone was saying. SO we prayed and testified a lot.

-Whenever we go to the temple, the little ladies are always frantically trying to find a dress that fits me. They just run around saying "muy alta!" and then after 3 or 4 tries, next thing I know I'm in a 3XL dress that could fit about 10 people in it. But its not a fashion show, its just so cute how they try to figure it out. There are some seriously small people here. And my hands are ginormous to them.

-I went to this migration thing a few days ago, so I think things for my Visa are set. I'm not entirely sure though. The church has got it all under control, I'm sure.

-We were gifted this fake Christmas Tree that's about 2 feet tall by the District that left last week. I guess its tradition to pass it down to the district you like. But then it was stolen from us. But its cool, because we´re celebrating Christmas next week anyways. We have to do weird things like that to keep from going crazy.

- I have a letter for ya´ll that is on it´s way, but I think it will take forever to get to you. Sorry!

-This week was awesome, because--- I finished the Book of Mormon!! Yep, from 1 Nephi to Moroni, all in the CCM. (Mom, here is where you put a gold star on my forehead.) And it was so awesome. I'm starting again, and I am just loving it. Seriously, I cant put that book down. It´s true. I know that its true. How is family reading going? Where are you all at, and maybe Ill read where you are as well.

I love you all, and I'm praying for you all to be happy and healthy! Keep up the good work Leavitt´s!!

-Hermana Leavitt

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