Friday, July 5, 2013

Stuttering Computer

Thats fine! but I did just spend about half of my email time trying to
get onto my emai!! This computers are archaic. And the internet is
slower than Abby in the morniinngg  wwhheenn  sshhee  ddooeessnntt
wwaanntt  ttoo  ggoo  ttoo  sscchhooooll.  wwhhaatt  tthhee  hheecckk??
ookkaayy  mmyy  ccoommppuutteerr  iiss  ttyyppiinngg  iinn  ddoouubbllee
lleetttteerrss.  tthhiiss  iiss  kkiinndd  ooff  ffuunnnnyy.  bbuutt
iimm  nnoott  llaauugghhiinngg  rriigghhtt  nnooww.  WWeellll,,
jjuusstt  ttrryy  ttoo  ttaakkee  tthhiiss  sseerriioouussllyy,,
ookkaayy?? OOhh  nnoo,,  yyoouurree  pprroobbaabbllyy  rreeaaddiinngg
tthhiiss  lliikkee  ii  hhaavvee  aa  ssttuutttteer,,  aarreenntt
yyoouu??!! (Alan here: I retyped the rest of the letter below so you can
read it without going crazy).

H-m-m-m  so  much to say.. Just know that I am doing good, and I'm super
happy. The Spanish is hard, we haven't had an introduction class or
anything like that, apparently we are learning in context, whatever that
means. It's hard, but I can do it.

Mom, stop laughing, it's not funny.

My companion is Hermana V from Washington. She's nice and
everything's okay there.

The food here is seriously so delicious. It's unreal. There's a new
thing every meal, and usually it's just incredible. There's rice with
every meal. And it's way better than minute rice.

I've made some really good friends, Hermana M is super cool. We get
along really well.

I haven't gotten any mail, but I think our DL might get them tonight,
I'm not so sure. But I'm okay, it's weird, I thought I would be super
homesick, but I've been fine since I've gotten here. Really, I've been
fine. It's super busy, all the time. So I don't have time to be homesick.

It's colder than I thought it would be. It is their winter, but I for
sure thought that Idaho winters had toughened me up enough to handle
this ‹ but I forgot to remember that I am in a skirt all day long. So
it's colder than I expected. Plus they leave doors open here like you
would not believe. Everything is just open.

I think Chase is praying that I won't fall in love with any of the
elders in my district, because they all drive me crazy. There's this Elder
here and he already knows Spanish, so when Hermana V
and I were preparing our lesson word for word, he told us that was the
wrong way to do it. That's what I would say if I knew Spanish too. But
it's not too bad. They're not even going to my mission! Just me and four
other hermanas are going go Arequipa.

It's so humid here. And it's cold during the daytime, and at night it's
hotter than hot. I don't understand.

The showers are either really hot or really cold, so you just kind of
dance in and out of them as best you can.

I was really frustrated with the email, so I just clicked on the first
one and it loaded, so I won't respond to everyone specifically ‹ but how
are yo all doing? Abby, you're eleven! That's so awesome. I love you so
much! Yes Dad I actually forgot about that check and that bill. Sorry.
I'm glad you liked the necklace Mama. How's swim team, Abby? Ya still
running and running and running, Rachel? Hannah Banae ‹ how are all your
boyfriends? Did you see Monsters University yet? I don't need to,
remember how I read the plot line in those books?

So my P-day will be on Thursday every week I believe, but the time I
email will change. And hopefully the computer I email on next week won't
do this. I need more patience I suppose.

Today was really interesting. We got on a bus at around 6:45 this
morning, and it was just crammed with people, I mean I was basically
sitting on this Peruvian guy's lap. And then we got off on the wrong
stop, my entire district, and so we were lost in the heart of Lima for
about two hours. And then Pres. Cardon found us. Whoops. Super

The Latin elders are so respectful here, I'm really starting to love
these people.

Alright ‹ I love you! Write me!

Hermana Leavitt

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