Saturday, July 27, 2013

Last Post from the CCM

Ahh! My last email from the CCM! And I'm on a weird computer, so forgive me if the formatting of this email is a little weird. I'm just glad that things have improved from the double letter email. Yikes!

I got a letter from you all this week, just yesterday actually!! You are all so cute! And mom, that was perfect of you to say that its like the New Testament Gospels, all about the same thing from different
perspectives, I know now to never go to Montana Steakhouse! Thank you all so much! Good call on sending everything after that to the Mission home, because it's my last week here! The timing was perfect.  

Things have been pretty normal here. Once again, I can't tell you how much I love the CCM. It's the best place ever. I don't see how things could get much better out in the field than here in the CCM, because IT IS SO GREAT HERE!!! I know I say that every week, but I mean it. I love it. But I bet Arequipa will be even better!  I don't know about my travel to Arequipa yet, but Ive heard it will be on a plane. My Mission President might let me call you next Tuesday to let you know I'm alive. If you dont hear from me though, don't worry, just wait till next Monday, and I'll email you.  

 I finally was able to mail a letter to you all through the pouch mail system. I had to send it in two parts, but I think it will make it. Sorry it took so long, first I had to wait for stamps and then I had to find the time to write! They keep us so busy here, but I finally sent it off. Hope you like it!!  

Tell Hanna Hiller Happy Birthday on the 27th for me will you?  

It has been a study, study, study, week, and Hna V and we finally finished teaching our "investigators" which were really our teachers, this week. We have the funniest teachers. Hno P he told me that I remind him of his mom, that when I say things I'm direct, but in a laid
back, almost sarcastic way. At first I didn't know how to take that, but I figured it was a compliment since he said it was his mom.  

I think I've got my Visa pretty much locked down, so no worries there.

I´ve been learning so much here, and I know that I've been so blessed to come to the CCM at this time. It´s the first time that they´ve had this many hermanas at once. Honestly, every day here has been a blessing, and I haven't been homesick really at all. In the first few weeks, yeah I shed a few tears because of frusturation of not being able to say what I wanted to in the language, but other than that, no other tears have been shed! Except for last night when I read that your back is doing better mom. I bawled like a baby. I´ve prayed for that every single day, I fasted for you, I put your name in the temple, and when I got the confirmation that my prayers were being heard and answered.... I cried lots and lots of tears of joy. I´m so happy that you're not getting surgery! I hope that things are still on
the mend.   I love you all!

You're the best, you beat the rest, you've got a lotta zest, you use the toothpaste of Crest.

Love forever and always- Hermana Leavitt

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