Friday, July 5, 2013

I made it to Peru!

Familia! I hope I am sending this to the right email addresses, because I didn't bring my book, with me. Also, we only have 30 min to type, and i type best if i look at my keyboard, so I'm not going to correct any mistakes that i make,

Happy birthday Abby I hope that you have a great great, great 11th birthday.

I got in to the MTC around 1 am, and they let us sleep until 9, which was nice and much needed. I'm surprised at how little direction we have been given. We just kinda wander around until we see other people who look confused as well. It took awhile to get registered here, me and my comp were last in line. Her name is Hermana V, and she is from Washington State. Shes super nice, and I like her a lot because she doesn't feel the need to fill the silence with lots of chatter. Shes great. Im not going to lie, the breakfast here was so weird. It was like cinnamon yogurt with this bread, my stomach has felt kind of queasy ever since I ate this awful pasta thing on the plane ride here. But it will get better. We haven't even unpacked yet, because other hermanas were already sleeping in our room, so I fumbled around in the dark trying to get my contact solution and facewash. But you know, everything is going to work out, so I'm not too worried.

Not too much to report here, Ive only been here a day, but its great so far!! The computers are super super slow, it took like 5 minutes to log on, so i'm wondering how they will be throughout Arequipa. I have a letter than Ill send off soonish. I don't know any of the rules yet, and I would love some more direction. I feel like I'm just floating around without anyone telling me what to do. But maybe that's Heavenly fathers way of telling me to trust him. I need to just trust that everything is going to be okay!

Did you send off that letter to Chase yet? If you haven't please get on that, will ya? I think I just broke the computer desk. Also, mom, so so so sorry about the mess that I left when I left home, I feel really bad about it. I love you!

Dad, reading your mission journal on the flight here has been such a source of comfort. I{m so glad that I took it. You have lots of great advice and quotes, and even though it does have a lot of mushy stuff about mom, its been such a blessing to have.

Thank you so much for that album that you all wrote your testimonies in! That was great to read as well. I'm sorry if this email seems jumbled, I'm not used to the limited time. Anyways, its hot and humid here, and I'm going to buy more pajamas that are shorts. Also, I was that one girl with the most stuff, which I hate being. Soo.... I'm not sure how I'm getting to Arequipa, but Ill let you know if I need more money on my card! Alright, I don't know how long this comp will take to send this email, so Ill do it now before it cuts me off.

I love you all, I'm doing just fine. I can already see that I'm going to need to learn Spanish well and fast. Send out my love to everyone!

Ofa lahi atu (thats for you daddy)

Hermana Leavitt

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